Step 1: Preparing your Environment

Check out my earlier post on an introduction to WebLogic on Docker!

To get started we need to prepare our environment to run Docker – these really are the only dependencies that you need to satisfy for running Docker containers.

For the record, I am running Oracle Linux 7 as a VirtualBox image. All the commands shown here will be specific to my system.


Install GIT

Git will be used to access Oracle’s github repository. Instructions for installing git on various platforms can be found here.

Add Docker Repo

Here we will install the docker engine. Instructions for other platforms can be found here.

In OL7 you need to add the Docker repo.

Install Docker Engine

Once the repo has been added you can install Docker Engine.

Start Docker Service

On OL7 the syntax is:

By default, you have to be root or sudo any time you want to invoke docker commands. If you want to allow your user to run docker commands, add yourself to the docker group.

Verify Installation

Ok, let’s see if we have installed Docker properly.

We can run a test image in a Docker container to verify everything is working properly.

The hello-world docker image should be executed in a docker container. Verify you see the following output from the Hello World program.

In the next article, we will clone the Oracle GitHub repo and build the Oracle JRE 8 Docker image.  Step 2: Build JRE Image.

Step 1: Preparing your Environment
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  • Robert Peressini

    systemctl is used in your example to start docker.service. I get a “Failed to get D-Bus connection” error attempting to use systemctl. I am using Docker for Windows and Oracle Linux 7. This seems to be a common problem but I have not found a solution that allows me to proceed with your examples. Guidance would be appreciated.

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